Join the No Complaints Day Challenge

Hi my name is Joe Kirin and I want to welcome you to the No Complaints Day Challenge website. The challenge is for you not to complain about anything for 24 hours on August 12th.

This challenge was created in honor and memory of my mom, Marion Kirin, and August 12 is her birthday. She faced her health challenges head-on with little or no complaining and inspired people to live a full life and not let their complaints or circumstances get in the way. Over 5000 people were inspired to participate in the 2014 inaugural challenge. How about you?

Participating in the No Complaints Day Challenge on August 12th can make a big difference in your life. It may give you access to having a peaceful day and even possibly eliminate some persistent complaints you’ve been hanging on leaving free to enjoy your time at work or at home.

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**Game on! Play the game anytime you want!

  1. 24 hours no complaints/complaining
  2. If you fail, get back up, dust yourself off and continue
  3. If you feel a situation calls for you to complain then do that—you     choose. You can then continue from there.
  4. Have Fun because no one gets disqualified :)


#NoComplaints #NCDC