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Another Tip to win the No Complaint Day Challenge

Helpful tip to win the game.

During the game many of us will likely have a complaint(s) come up. Now you don’t want to get into the struggle of analyzing your complaint and judging whether you should have it or not. That could be stressing.

This tip called “Table the Complaint” will help you move quickly through the complaint.

When you notice the complaint is there, simply visualize grabbing and removing the complaint from your head and placing it down on a table. Now the complaint is still there and it is not going away but is just resting there on the table. Later after the game completes, you can choose whether to pick it back up or just leave it there.

Have an amazing day!


Helpful Tips to Survive the No Complaints Day Challenge





No Complaints Day Challenge

Helpful Tip: Tell people around you about the game you’re playing and tell them if they hear you complaining on that day, they’ll remind you to stop, and then you should stop and start playing again..

The goal of this game is NOT for everyone to be perfect—so don’t worry if you fail. The intention is to just ‘play’ the game and to have fun with it. Games are intended to be fun and if you’re trying to be perfect then you’ll likely not enjoy the game or you just might not play at all—either way you will not have any fun.

If you have people around you playing along it will be more fun automatically. Through the day just notice and observe all the times you want to complain. Also be very aware if the voice in your head starts complaining that you can’t complain outwardly ‘cuz I’m playing this game’.

Obviously there are times when complaining may be appropriate (ex. bad service in a restaurant). However for one day we are just letting it go.

So be light about it and play, and when you notice you’re complaining just stop and continue on through the rest of your enjoyable day!

Congratulations, you will make a difference for yourself and others on August 12th.

Please feel free to comment on your experience from preparing for and doing the challenge.

Are you in? If yes, then I request you forward this entire message to the people you’d like to have play along with you.

Please share this with people you want to play with.


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