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Joe Kirin
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No Complaints Day Challenge

An Incredible and Radical Event – No Complaints for an ENTIRE DAY

Tuesday – August 12th 2014

Imagine one day, no complaints at all—none about you, your family, job, colleagues, friends, politics, news, war, economy, global warming, Obama, Republicans, Democrats, weather, bad service, game invitations on Facebook, no smoking laws, smokers, late people, arrogant people, health issues, etc really ANYTHING!
I created this event in honor and in memory of my mom, Marion who passed away on April 3rd of this year. August 12th is her Birthday.

The Challenge: For 24 hours beginning Tuesday August 12th at 12:00a until Wednesday August 13th 12:00a you do not complain about anything.

The goal of this game is NOT to be perfect—so it’s ok to fail. The intention is to just ‘play’ the game of ‘No Complaining’ and to have fun with it. Becoming aware of complaining will make a difference in your day and the day of others. “When I discovered how much complaining I do, I just wanted to stop…”


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Thank you!
Joe Kirin